Top Questions

When is Fish Nature going to start shipping?

We are conducting final rounds of testing on the DataPro Lure. We will update you via email about when you can expect to receive your DataPro Lure. In the meantime, check our product blogs for updates.

How does a Fish Nature membership work?

We currently offer a monthly membership for 24 months.

What species of fish is the DataPro Lure designed for?

The DataPro Lure is designed for catching bigger bass. Other designs are in the works to apply to different species of fish.

What’s included with the DataPro Lure?

Our product includes 3 different bill sizes and 3 different colored interchangeable skins: green, shad, crawdad, and bluegill.

What type of payment is accepted?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex.

The cost of the lure is the same as other lures, what’s the catch?

Our lure can be changed into 9 different lures. With 3 different bill sizes for different depth and 3 different colored interchangeable skins.

What if I lose the DataPro Lure?

Just replace your DataPro lure and add it to the network.

What will be the price for the future years?

At this point, we cannot guarantee what our pricing will be for 2017, but we expect it to remain similar to 2016.

I am a fish tackle store operator, and I would like to promote the DataPro Lure

Please go to the recruiter page on our website and fill out the appropriate forms.